Engineers for Municipalities

Municipalities throughout the Mid-Atlantic rely on the engineers of Hartwell Engineering to design innovative solutions to water and wastewater projects. We’re proud to not only design highly efficient designs, but we also manage contractor bidding, construction inspections and as-built drawings upon project completion, working hand-in-hand at every stage of the project.


Engineers for Private Industry Innovative Solutions

Private companies look to Hartwell Engineering for our innovative approach to sustainable energy and power distribution projects that are mission-critical to their business operations. Additionally, we provide instrumentation and control expertise for increased efficiency in process operation, which in turn allows our clients to best manage their systems for increased reliability and decreased costs.


Engineers for Fellow Engineering Firms

Engineering firms, including water and wastewater engineering firms, turn to Hartwell Engineering to power their projects. We understand wastewater and bring the most innovative solutions to these critical installations, combining years of experience with the latest technologies to provide dynamic alternatives to satisfy challenging needs. We work hand-in-glove making these engineering firms more competitive in their markets.


Can we help you design, construct and manage the electrical and control systems that power your projects?