about electrical and control engineer

SINCE 1995

Since 1995, Hartwell Engineering has been recognized as a quality electrical engineering company providing an array of services for water and wastewater projects, specializing in power distribution and instrumentation and control. Our team conducts studies, designs complete plans, manages the bidding, construction and inspections of electrical and control projects for municipalities and corporate clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

In 2020, we were proud to become an internal division of McCrone, a civil and public works engineering firm with a deep history serving municipalities, developers, builders and property owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

The engineers at McCrone | Hartwell have a lot in common including:


We stick to our word. We are straightforward, candid, and frank. We don’t play games among ourselves, with our clients or other business associates.

Work Ethic

We work hard; this is a competitive business and we put forth extra effort to meet our commitments.

Professional Challenge

We continue to learn. We take pride in accomplishing challenging assignments. We look forward to change and application of new ideas and demonstrated technology.


We know that we accomplish much more together than we can as individuals. We work as members of a team with fellow employees, clients and business associates.


We produce. We set goals and then take effective action to accomplish them. We consider new methods and implement improvements.

Client Service

We make every effort to understand our clients’ needs and objectives, and then we take action to support and assist the client in achieving those goals.

Can we help you design, construct and manage the electrical and control systems that power your projects?