electrical engineering expertise

Water & Wastewater Electrical Engineering

Municipalities’ need for wastewater treatment facilities is a critical infrastructure component. Highly efficient wastewater management design allows communities to grow and tax revenue to increase, all while providing an abundant supply of clean water. Our electrical engineering expertise includes innovative electrical and control system approaches that provide the best quality product to residents and the environment.

Alternative Power Systems

Whether the project is a wastewater treatment facility or a roller coaster (and many things in between) our engineers develop power distribution plans, sustainable energy, emergency power systems and alternative power solutions to ensure business carries on, no matter what happens with commercial power grids or Mother Nature.

Instrumentation & Control

Our Instrumentation & Control (I&C) designs give our clients exacting knowledge of the process as well as how the controls integrate into their process. Fully understanding and implementing a complete I&C system allows our clients to best manage their systems for increased reliability and decreased costs.

Design/Build and Alternative Bidding Solutions

Alternative bidding solutions, including construction manager at risk and design/build, allow schedules to be shortened and costs and materials to be monitored. These solutions, in conjunction with our electrical engineering expertise, can provide our clients with the best construction for the project.

Can we help you design, construct and manage the electrical and control systems that power your projects?